This week, WeConnectFashion get an exclusive insight into three materials themes inspiring Spring/Summer 2018 apparel direction. Soft Comforts taps into the transseasonal trend and the growth of loungewear as cosy comforting textures are reworked for summer.Primary Games introduces sportswear influenced hybrids with an emphasise performance and innovation while Forest Blooms looks to the natural world as organic textures are refined and refreshed by spring foliage motifs.

Forest Blooms

SS18 materials get closer to nature with a concept that embraces tangled organic textures, earthy undergrowth qualities and foliage green tones.

  • Organic shades are refreshed with faded mint or summer forest tones

  • Sheer embroideries take inspiration from forest foliage.

  • Densely tangled lace formations mix heavy and delicate feels

Soft Comforts

Soft to the touch fabrications lend a comforting aspect to the summer wardrobe enhanced by inflated volumes and cozy handles.

  • Rustic textures are softened with toweling and piling techniques.

  • Double-knit textures and smooth yarns create clean scuba finishes.

  • Soft padding mimics corduroy ribbing for added surface interest.

Primary Games

Fabrics take inspiration from the sportswear market with a focus on high-performance aspects, technical features, and hybrid innovations.

  • High-shine and liquid gloss coatings add dimension to flat color.

  • Bonded mesh lends lightweight and breathable qualities to activewear.

  • Waffle and pique textures reference retro sportswear looks.